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The World of Warcraft world

September 13, 2009

Are you kidding me? Your front page should be screaming about the addictive perils of massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft, not celebrating a confab of generation OCD.

In reading the article about a recently divorced man finding solace in his virtual friendship circle, I immediately wondered if hours a day of WoW contributed to the former Mrs. Dread Pirate hitting the road.

These games are insidious and are creating vast pockets of humanity that would rather pretend at life than cope. Twenty, 30, or more hours a week? What a terrifying waste of real Earth time.

James Boysen

Manhattan Beach


Your article gave me a different perspective on the social role the game can play for some gamers.

I come from the mental health field, and the perspective of some colleagues is that many of the gamers are experiencing what will soon be known as computer addiction disorder. Due to the strongly addictive nature of the game and often severe consequences that result from playing (high debt, missed days from work, poor personal hygiene), it's actually a huge concern.

However, I think you're pointing out that not all players will suffer negative consequences, which is an important perspective to share.

Melody Jazeb



It's incredibly rare to see a factual representation of the player population instead of the ever-increasing number of articles focusing on addictive and negative behaviors associated with the game.

Those who would refute the social aspects of WoW obviously are not among the millions of game players.

Steven Dowling Jr.

Long Beach

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