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Coyotes as neighbors

September 14, 2009

Re "Coyotes on the prowl in Yorba Linda," Sept. 9

I find it both ignorant and arrogant for people to place themselves directly next to the home of wild animals, then complain when the animals appear on their doorstep.

If you want to live close to nature, you'd better expect that nature is going to live close to you.

Coyotes are predators, and fire or no fire, they will end up in these neighborhoods where meals are easy to get.

I have two small dogs and have seen a hawk swoop down into my yard. I lost a cat to a coyote attack. Should I demand my city hire expensive trappers to find every hawk and coyote and kill them?

Once the coyotes are gone, I predict it won't be long before these same people will be up in arms about the out-of-control rabbit population tearing up their gardens. And what about the rattlesnakes? And the tarantulas?

Should we kill all of them too because somebody is scared?

Joe Rosen

La Habra


We have had our share of coyote problems in Westwood as well, but only one at a time.

The current and rather serious problem is a raccoon family that has been terrorizing the block most of the summer. It has gotten much worse since they had babies. They seem to be thriving because of a nearby compost pile. So much for the theory of recycling.

Calls to the city of Los Angeles accomplish nothing. We are told not to worry about our domestic animals or small children, as raccoons are not aggressive. Perhaps they have not seen the huge "Papa Bear" protecting his family.

Aviva Monosson

Los Angeles

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