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For the record

September 15, 2009

Healthcare: The names of two letter writers named Sibley from Northridge regarding President Obama's healthcare speech were inadvertently transposed Monday. The letters with the correct names appear below.


Lack of respect for the president

Re "Outburst forgiven but not forgotten," Sept. 11

I am embarrassed and ashamed by the raucous and rude behavior of some members of Congress. The lack of respect shown to the president of the United States was rude and obnoxious.

I don't care what one's political views, ideology or opinions are. This was the president speaking and, particularly, the interruption by the "gentleman" from South Carolina was disgusting.

These members of Congress are representing "we the people" -- and to act like rowdy folks at a football game is appalling. I, for one, do not like all the cheering, whistling and juvenile behavior by folks on both sides of the aisle. Grow up and dissent, or applaud with a smidgen of decorum and respect.

South Carolina (and for that matter, North Carolina too) elected officials have not distinguished themselves recently. And rumor has it that most of the loonies live in California. Huh?

Trudy Sibley



So this is what the new Republican Party thinks is civil discourse?

Someone forgot to tell Joe Wilson that a joint session of Congress is not the same as a town hall meeting.

As a lifelong Republican (turned independent), I'm disgusted.

W.L. Sibley


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