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An airing of voices

September 15, 2009

Re "Anger in the streets of Washington," Sept. 13, and "GOP voice from the past still loud in healthcare fight," Sept. 12

Regarding Dick Armey's protest against President Obama's healthcare reform: I will take "Obama-care" over the Republicans' "compassionate conservatism" any day.

Charlene Emerson


Armey would have us believe that a few tweaks of our free-market healthcare system will foster competition and make it easier for all of us to get insurance.

Armey's beloved free-market system is not, apparently, the solution for those among us with preexisting conditions. For those already banished to them, managed risk pools have been unsuccessful. The data show that patients with preexisting conditions find high premiums, long mandatory waiting periods and laughably low lifetime caps.

Armey argues religiously for a free-market solution while admitting that those with preexisting conditions must be treated differently.

I think, perhaps, it is Armey who does not understand the way a private economy works.

Christopher Dael



I found the conservative anger march to be one of the most hypocritical events in Washington in some time.

Where was the conservative anger while being led by President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney? Where was the anger when we were given a bad war, little regulation leading to the worst financial crisis since the Depression, financial malfeasance and the beginning of the so-called march to socialism?

Stephen R. Hariton

Westlake Village


Thanks for a fairly balanced, well-written, well-researched report. I view this article as a ray of hope that The Times may be able to return to fair and balanced reporting of major societal issues. You actually found some lucid non-radicals to quote -- not too full of anger to still understand.

The signs in the front- page photo say it all: obviously hand-written and very individual in nature and style.

As a Medicare senior, I especially like the tiny one declaring "Hands Off My Healthcare."

Richard Venn

Oak Park


Let me get this straight. During the Bush administration, Republicans took the position that you were a patriot only if you supported Bush and his policies. Protesters were bad.

Now the same people clamor that you are a patriot only if you denounce Obama and his policies. Protesters are now heroes.

Let me simplify this whole situation: Republicans don't like Democratic politicians; Republicans do like Republican politicians. These protests are a testament to Republicans' waning political influence. Now they are forced to take to the streets like -- gasp -- Democrats.

Greg Seyranian

Redondo Beach


Where were all these angry protesters over the last eight years? We went from a budget surplus to the biggest deficits in U.S. history, and our economy was on the verge of collapse, and yet all these protesters were silent. Now, when our president wants to help the unemployed and the uninsured, the conservatives become "angry."

It seems the only way to annoy a conservative is to care about those other than yourself.

Mark Satterlee



Nice tantrum, conservatives. You want freedom and smaller government? How about allowing people to marry who they wish, providing women their own reproductive choices and letting those who are able and willing to serve in the military to do so?

You want fiscal responsibility? Only when it doesn't involve war or impeachments, apparently. You don't want government involved in your healthcare? You have complete faith in big business? Only those who can afford it deserve to be healthy?

When you've calmed down, come meet the rest of the nation to work together to make this country great again.

Fred Lynch Jr.

San Dimas


The Times featured the angry right-wing crowd in Washington, headlined above the fold with a color shot dominating the front page Sunday.

The Times regularly ignored or downplayed the huge peace marches that filled the streets of Los Angeles before and after the start of the Iraq war. Your bias is showing.

Russ Nichols

Los Angeles


Your articles -- about the march on Washington from people who are tired of not being heard on issues of too much government spending and a bogus health plan that is nothing more than a money grab scheme -- are biased and incomplete.

All of the protesters are painted as Republicans and as an angry invasion of Obama protesters.

Get honest; the crowds include a lot of Democrats and independents who are tired of being ignored.

Betty Arenson



Your coverage of tens of thousands of American citizens protesting against big government, out-of-control spending and expanded entitlement programs that stifle self-reliance and discourage personal responsibility once again exposed your far-left bias.

By taking up the diss and dismiss position of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, you are going to be unintentionally ensuring that the anger grows and that the people's movement expands.

Donald E. Wiggins

Yucca Valley

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