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Analyst criticizes Cutler's conduct after game

The new Bear's quarterback 'wasn't professional, he wasn't accountable' following the team's loss to Green Bay on Sunday night, Mora says.

September 15, 2009|Sam Farmer

A common postgame response to questions after NFL games is, "I have to wait to see the film." Times NFL writer Sam Farmer sorts through the best of Monday's film review:


Jim Mora, NFL Network analyst, on the debut of the Bears' new quarterback:

"I had a chance to watch Jay Cutler's postgame press conference last night and I thought he looked like a big-time jerk. He wasn't professional, he wasn't accountable. He acted like he didn't care. Four interceptions, they lost the game. He didn't show the leadership that I would want out of my quarterback."


Carolina Coach John Fox, asked to characterize the job security of quarterback Jake Delhomme (11 turnovers in last two non-exhibition games):

"Probably like the job security of all of us: day to day."


Brian Urlacher, Chicago linebacker, who suffered a dislocated wrist, in a text message to Chicago

Tribune writer Vaughn McClure:

"Season is over."


Troy Polamalu on his injured left knee, which will not require surgery:

"Regarding an

injury to a knee,

this is the best-case



Jim Caldwell, Indianapolis coach, asked if re-signing Marvin Harrison is a possibility in the wake of a knee injury to receiver

Anthony Gonzalez:

"You never say

never in any circumstances."


Donovan McNabb who suffered a cracked rib in the opener, on whether he's ruled himself out for Sunday's game against New Orleans:

"Not necessarily, anything can happen. It's just Monday right now, but if Friday and Saturday come along and I'm feeling a lot better, you just never know."


Josh McDaniels, on the tipped pass that Brandon Stokley plucked and ran 87 yards for the game-winning touchdown against


"We always teach our guys, you want to bat it to the ground. If you tip it up, you never know what could happen."

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