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Meghan McCain speeds ahead

The blogging, tweeting, one-woman sensation is cutting a wide swath across the media landscape.

September 16, 2009|JAMES RAINEY

When McCain appeared on Bill Maher's show in June, she demonstrated the shortcoming of being merely provocative and good natured.

She claimed the Obama administration "has to stop completely blaming everything on its predecessor," getting a stiff challenge from Democratic activist Paul Begala.

When he noted that President Reagan had beaten up on predecessor Jimmy Carter far more consistently and thoroughly, McCain begged off, saying she wouldn't know about something that occurred before her birth.

"I wasn't born during the French Revolution," Begala concluded, "but I know about it."

McCain seemed a little bereft, as she noted that conservatives would pillory her too for merely coming on a show with so many liberals.

Begala's barb stuck because he caught McCain making an assertion she wasn't prepared to back up.

If she wants to become a media planet and not just another meteor, she'll have to bring something more to the table than goodwill and her good name.


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