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Letters to the editor

Remembering the spirit of 9/11; taking back the Angeles National Forest; evaluating teachers.

September 17, 2009

Re "The heart of 9/11," Opinion, Sept. 11

I am deeply touched and encouraged by Rebecca Solnit's Op-Ed article; it seems that I can feel every survivor's feeling in that disaster through her words.

Eight years -- a time that is long enough for us to forget the hate, remember the grace that exists among us and to make ourselves stronger against those who intend to attack us.

I am from China, and this article reminded me of the earthquake in Sichuan last year. It was definitely a disaster; tens of thousands died. During those difficult days, we heard so many stories that touched us. I cried when I heard about a child rescuing other people; I think it was the instinctive power of a human being.

I appreciate Solnit's words: "The dead must be remembered, but the living are the monument."

Mei Liu



In every country and state where I have lived, I have seen that the good and decent people are in the majority, and when a catastrophe happens, those good people reach out to help.

What does the author mean when she says, "Imagine if the collapse of those towers had not been followed by such a blast of stereotypes, lies, distortions and fear propaganda ... harming Americans, Iraqis, Afghanis and so many others"?

What I heard and read, after the collapse of the towers, were reports of good people helping people. Didn't she hear those stories?

Alda Donohue

Westlake Village

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