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Bottom Ten

September 17, 2009|Steve Harvey

It was a disastrous week for Bottom Ten selectors, with seven of the 10 worst teams posting victories, including Oklahoma, Georgia and Virginia Tech. Those three were not supposed to be in the rankings, and investigators are trying to determine if the ultra-scientific BT was sabotaged by hackers.

The one prediction that did pan out was USC as a Rout of the Week winner over Ohio State. The Trojans romped, 18-15.

Elsewhere, Tulane's Green Wave, now reduced to a Green Trickle, washed into the top spot after a 3-54 drubbing by Brigham Young.

Central Michigan, a 29-27 winner over Michigan State, was criticized for padding its schedule by playing pushovers from the weak Big Ten Conference.

Fresno State checks in at No. 10 this week after losing to a Wisconsin team that had 40 players suffering from flu symptoms. Or did Wisconsin just say that to discourage Fresno tacklers from touching its ballcarriers?

Elsewhere, Michigan Coach Rich Rodriguez was so exultant after a victory over Notre Dame that he canceled a midnight practice.

The rankled:

*--* Rk. Wreck (Record) Last Loss Next Loss 1. Tulane (0-2) 3-54, BYU Idle 2. Colorado (0-2) 38-54, Toledo Wyoming 3. Syracuse (0-2) 7-28, Penn State Northwestern 4. Virginia (0-2) 14-30, TCU Southern Ole Miss 5. Michigan State (1-1) 27-29, Central Notre Dame 6. Washington Michigan State (0-2) 20-38, Hawaii SMU 7. Memphis (0-2) 14-31, Middle Tenn. State Tenn.-Martin* 8. Kansas State (1-1) 15-17, La. Lafayette UCLA 9. Florida State (1-1) def. Jacksonville State, 19-9 BYU 10. Fresno State (1-1) 31-34, Wisconsin Boise State *--*

11. Texas at El Batted Down Paso (0-2); 12. New Mexico (0-2); 13. Utah State (0-1); 14. Tennessee (1-1); 15. Troy (0-2); 16. Ball State (0-2); 17. Idle; 18. Ole Miss State (1-1); 19. Ohio State (1-1); 20. Notre Dame (1-1).

*Tennessee Martin was formerly Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Rout of the week: Washington (1-1) over USC (2-0) (Yes, it's time for USC's annual inexplicable conference loss.)

Crummy game of the week: Michigan State (1-1) vs. Notre Dame (1-1).

Laugh o' the week: The Sagarin college football ratings, released Tuesday, rank Ohio State (1-1) as the fifth-best team in the nation. Hey, leave the jokes to the Bottom Ten, Jeff!

Good timing award: One day after Kansas State Coach Bill Snyder was awarded a five-year, $9.5-million contract, his team lost to Louisiana Lafayette, 15-17. Doesn't look like he'll get that $250,000 bonus for winning the BCS championship this year.


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