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Brett Favre remains popular with fans

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback had the top-selling jersey on the NFL's merchandise website from April 1 to Aug. 28.

September 18, 2009|Mike Penner

Conclusive proof that controversy sells: During the five-month period from April 1 to Aug. 28, Brett Favre's jersey was the top-seller on the NFL's merchandise website, followed by Jay Cutler at No. 2 and Michael Vick at No. 4.

It is also further evidence that wherever he plays, Favre sells.

"It is normal for sales of a player's jersey to jump significantly when he changes teams," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told the Associated Press. "However, we're witnessing the Favre Factor. Favre has sold more jerseys than anyone in NFL history. He was a perennial top-10 seller for the Packers, was No. 1 last season with the Jets and is anticipated to be among the top sellers this season with the Vikings."

Favre's new Minnesota Vikings teammate, Adrian Peterson, apparently not sure how Internet purchasing works, said, "I think I'm more popular than Brett Favre, but he's got an advantage. I think what gets him over the top is the Packer fans that live here also."

Peterson acknowledged that after a recent game in Houston, the mother of a high school friend asked if he could have Favre autograph a jersey for her.

"She's never asked me for a jersey, ever," Peterson said. "I was like, 'All right. I'll see what I can do.' "

Trivia time

In the lingo of golf, what is an albatross?

Show time for LeBron

Besides fielding free-agent offers, LeBron James will be spending part of next summer in Hollywood working on his first feature film, "Fantasy Basketball Camp," by Universal Pictures. The movie is about five guys who come to Las Vegas to participate in James' basketball camp.

Producer Brian Grazer told the Associated Press that he initially sought James for the part because he and his 8-year-old son, Thomas, "were dying to meet him."

"But I felt that beyond being one of the world's great superstar athletes, here was someone so relaxed and comfortable with himself that he would have the capability to be that way on screen," Grazer added.

"Later, when I watched him host 'Saturday Night Live,' and saw his advertising work, it was clear he can do this."

Uneasy listening

Tim McCarver has an album out. Yes, that's right, an album of songs, sung by the Fox baseball analyst himself.

For further proof, check out the album's title: "Tim McCarver Sings Selections from the Great American Songbook."

One of those selections, track No. 12, sounds like the anthem of a fan envisioning how he'll feel after sitting through a month of McCarver during baseball's postseason: "Then I'll Be Tired Of You."

Trivia answer

Three under par for a hole. Also known as a double eagle.

And finally

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., on being Floyd Mayweather Jr.: "This country needs to be more positive. We're already at war. We're in a recession, we're at war and we continue to be negative. The fans in the UK showed me more love than in my own country. That's crazy. Sometimes I'll sit back, I'll be in my theater sometimes, and I'll think: Imagine if I was the same fighter that I am, and I was the same person that I am, and I was from another country. Can you just imagine how big I'd be? But I wouldn't change my life for nothing in the world. There's nothing like being young, black and rich. But there are certain things you think about. If Floyd Mayweather was white, I'd be the biggest athlete in America."


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