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Michael Moore: Hypocrite?

September 19, 2009

Re "Now This Is His Kind of Company," by Betsy Sharkey, Sept. 15: Is Michael Moore a cinematic genius? He makes a movie based on the absurdly false notion that socialism works and capitalism doesn't and has the audience roaring in approval at the end.

Or is it less Moore's genius and more the liberal audience's ignorance at work here? I wonder how his anti-capitalist screed would play in the run-down barrios of that wonderland of socialism, Castro's Cuba?

Carl Moore



Michael Moore's last film, "Sicko": An extremely obese man produces a film that lectures people on health.

Michael Moore's next film, "Capitalism: A Love Story": An extremely rich man produces a film that lectures people on wealth.

Irony: A type of humor based on using words to suggest the opposite of their literal meaning.

Suckers: People who pay money to see his films.

Greg Steinberg

Los Angeles

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