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Insult to injury

September 19, 2009

Re 'Y'all got Pakistan on your tail," Column One, Sept. 15

The article about the Pakistani center making collections calls is a sad reflection on what is wrong with America today.

So many hardworking Americans have gotten into debt because they have lost their jobs when their companies relocated jobs overseas and they had to use credit just to survive.

Now those same Americans are being harassed by a collection agency located in Pakistan, which -- to add insult to injury -- uses fake American names, accents and phone numbers to fool the people being called.

Well, here's an idea: Relocate those call centers back to the U.S., employ American workers and, with their paychecks, they will be able to repay their debts.

Sadly, this is yet another example of how American companies have sold out the American worker in exchange for short-term financial gains and with no regard for the economic future of this country.

Neil Storer

Garden Grove


I find it extremely distasteful that this corporation chooses to try to collect outstanding debt from financially troubled Americans by using an office and its people in Islamabad.

It is nothing more than another indication of the greed and callousness so common in the corporate world today.

Rob Conroy

Tehachapi, Calif.

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