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Name game

September 19, 2009

Bill Plaschke is spot-on accurate in his assessment and criticism of the Washington "R-words" and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's rampant hypocrisy. As the curator of "equality and fairness," Goodell doesn't just sit on his hands in this clear example of scurrilous racism, he actually orders the NFL to pay the team's legal fees to defend using this despicable name!

Sam Gottlieb

Santa Monica


Rather than reveling in this pretentious social grandstanding and geriatric political correctness over the use of Redskins, why not do something to actually help Native Americans? Pressure major leagues with teams that use names such as Braves and Blackhawks to every year hire a certain number of Native Americans (a group with a staggering unemployment rate).

There might be a touch of irony to having a Chippewa working in the front office of the Indians, but he or she would have a job, something far more useful than a meaningless victory in court.

Dennis Connor


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