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Underrated: 'Glee' and Chevy Chase

Overrated: Beatlemania 2.0 and Kanye West

September 20, 2009


'Glee': Given our vague resistance to musicals, we were suspicious of this newcomer, especially after it enjoyed an avalanche of blog-hype last month. But after catching up last week, this comedy has become music to our ears. Think of "Election" crossed with "Freaks and Geeks" (and surprisingly solid singing) and you've got the idea. It's a "High School Musical" that doesn't require being in high school to enjoy.

Chevy Chase: He taught us sportsmanship in "Caddyshack," offered a cautionary example of family travel in "Vacation" and kept us looking for Jane Doe in our archives thanks to "Fletch." Now after seemingly disappearing, we're ready to welcome Chevy back in a supporting role on NBC's "Community." He may not have the same zip on his comic fastball, but he's still Chevy Chase. And you're not.



Beatlemania 2.0: OK, we're well past 9/9/09, everyone has absorbed the remastered albums and went on to "Meet the Beatles" all over again in digital form with Rock Band. Their music is unfathomably influential, and the likes of them won't likely be seen again. Now we must move on. We love them too, but if we hear any more talk about the Fab Four's legacy we're heading off to live in a yellow submarine.

Kanye West's ego: We get it: You can't reach the top of the hip-hop game without an Ali-esque assurance that you're the greatest. And you know what? Pound for pound, Kanye has pretty much been that for the '00s. But whether last weekend's VMAs stunt was staged or another act of a guy who just can't seem to have an undeclared thought, it's probably best if his music did the talking for the next decade.

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