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'Easy rider' ruckus

September 20, 2009

Re "Hog days of summer," Opinion, Sept. 17

Thank you for the Op-Ed article on motorcycle noise pollution.

I live in Laurel Canyon, where bikers roar through here making so much noise that our windows rattle -- and often in the wee hours of the night when most of the world is trying to sleep.

Why can't we just pass a law that makes it illegal to remove the manufacturer's mufflers?

Ron Anderegg

Los Angeles


So John Johnson Jr. considers motorcycle riders "carefree rebels," " thugs" and a "pack." He's concerned that the "neighbors have to stop talking with guests when one roars by." Pity.

As a bike rider since 1969, I have seen firsthand the dangers of street riding provided by the drivers of today's cars. Cellphone use, texting and excessive speed are a rider's worst nightmare. There is a saying that "loud pipes save lives."

I don't agree with the article.

John Owens



It's simple: The reason bikes are loud is because drivers do not see us on the road, but they do hear us, and many accidents are avoided.

Barbara Gehrke



I'm one of those beach citizens annoyed by the inconsiderate noise of open-pipe motorcycles.

Here's an idea. The AQMD has a number (800-CUT-SMOG) the public can call about smoking vehicles.

I used to have a noisy exhaust on my Volkswagen, smoked cigarettes on airplanes, and I've driven too aggressively. But I grew up. Maturity is being considerate of others; not your age.

Douglas Evans

Redondo Beach


These riders with illegal exhaust systems say "noise saves lives." They claim that if they are heard, they won't be struck.

These are probably the same people who fought so hard against the mandatory helmet laws. So much for the "safety" argument.

Paul Martin

Seal Beach

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