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The Emmy Awards/ Moments

September 21, 2009|Jessica Gelt and Denise Martin and Greg Braxton and Yvonne Villareal

Politics didn't play much of a role along the red carpet, but there were a few exceptions. "Desperate Housewives" star Dana Delany noticed that "there is a lot of purple on the red carpet [her gown included], which I decided was a political statement in support of gay marriage."

And Comedy Central funny man Stephen Colbert of "The Colbert Report" talked about how the frenzied rhetoric of hard-core Republicans was making his job less pleasurable. "It's hard to get dumber than what actual pundits are doing," he lamented. "I feel like they're punishing those of us that make fun of them by getting crazier than it is joyful to mock."

-- Jessica Gelt

Stars can't help waxing political

Words to win by: Be prepared

Cherry Jones said she didn't expect a win for her work on "24." "Not with that group of nominees!" Still, a girl can hope. "Amy Poehler was so cute, she said we all say we don't care if we win, while in our heads we're saying, 'Say my name, say my name, say my name.' It's so true!"

Still, "I wasn't going to prepare a speech because I'd be disappointed if I wouldn't get to read it, but I thought I'd be worse if I was unprepared -- so I wrote a li'l something just in case."

-- Denise Martin

This one's for you, Charlie

In his acceptance speech for supporting actor in a comedy, Jon Cryer called his "Two and a Half Men" costar Charlie Sheen "amazing" and said he should have won an Emmy too. "He makes it look so easy, and it's not. It is not. He's amazing. So thank you, man. This is yours." But backstage, Cryer amended his generosity a tad: "I intend to get a copy made. I'll give it to him, but it will still have my name on it. He can use it as a centerpiece, just to remind him of me for all time."

-- Greg Braxton

Meryl Streep, call Tina Fey

Now that Oprah Winfrey has guest-starred on "30 Rock," who would Tina Fey like to see on the show next? "Our new dream guest star is Meryl Streep. I think she would be a great love interest for Alec [Baldwin] -- or Grizz's love interest to change it up," Fey said of the Tracy Jordan bodyguard character. That may not happen for a while. This season, she said, there will be less focus on guest stars. "We're kind of getting back into our own characters." Did she think her show would win comedy series? "Here's the thing I know, the Internet is always wrong. . . . The night was full of interesting and unexpected things, and I thought that didn't bode well for us."

-- Yvonne Villareal

Kathy Griffin's priority list

Strolling up the red carpet, "My Life on the D-List's" Kathy Griffin was asked what made the cut for her tiny purse on this big night. Seems she travels light: "Kleenex, lipstick and crack cocaine."

-- Jessica Gelt

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