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Council endorsements

September 21, 2009

Re "Endorsements 2009: Essel for City Council," Editorial, Sept. 12

I have been a member of the board of the Greater Valley Glen Council for almost four years. I have been co-chair of the planning and land use management committee for almost two years.

I never have heard, or seen, Christine Essel at any of the numerous meetings that I have attended in that time, until she announced her candidacy for the vacant City Council seat.

That "she knows her way around the city bureaucracy" is certainly a plus for some special interests. However, I do not feel that she knows the 2nd District at all. What qualifications does she have to represent my district, however well connected she is to the bureaucracy?

Your endorsement is irresponsible at best and misguided at worst.

Douglas Breidenbach

Valley Glen


Your editorial promotes the promise of grass-roots politics as a source of fresh ideas to take on the political establishment. Yet not only do you endorse Essel, you fail to even mention two of the grass-roots candidates, Augusto Bisani and Michael McCue. There are 10 candidates for this highly contested position, and each one deserves a serious look.

Our city is in trouble: Infrastructure is crumbling, and we're on the brink of bankruptcy. The Times should encourage the grass-roots movement, which holds the best hope of making true changes at City Hall, and endorse a grass-roots candidate.

Harlan Moyer

Los Angeles

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