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Teachers unions play vital role

September 21, 2009

Re "Re-educating unions," Editorial, Sept. 7

Thank you for your editorial extolling the vital role teachers unions have played in improving education and professionalizing teaching.

Our history and recent actions point to our unwavering commitment to working relentlessly to make sure every school in the LAUSD provides the best possible education for all students.

In the Belmont High area, UTLA worked with neighborhood partners to develop the pilot schools model that gives schools flexibility in curriculum, budgeting and more. In the Valley, UTLA was the driving force behind the innovative Expanded School-Based Management Model at Woodland Hills Academy, which puts teachers, parents and administrators at the center of decision-making. And these two union-supported reforms are spreading: Seven more pilot schools and three more ESBMM schools will come online this year.

UTLA looks forward with a real sense of urgency to working with an expanded array of partners on proven models of reform.

A.J. Duffy

Los Angeles

The writer is the president of UTLA.

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