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Sam Farmer's Monday film review

The Times' NFL columnist sorts through the best of what was said.

September 22, 2009|Sam Farmer

A common postgame response to questions after NFL games is, "I have to wait to see the film." Times NFL writer Sam Farmer sorts through the best of Monday's film review:

Rex Ryan, Jets coach, on "Mike and Mike in the Morning," about San Francisco's tampering accusations against the Jets in reference to holdout draft pick Michael Crabtree:

"We'll let the NFL figure that one out. I think it's ridiculous, personally, but again we'll let the NFL figure that one out. . . . I wish we were playing them."


Mike Singletary, San Francisco coach, on unsigned draft pick Crabtree:

"I'm never going to be prideful enough to stand back and say, 'Well, you know what? We don't need him.' No. He's supposed to be here, and when he gets here, great, come on, let's go."


Bill Belichick,

New England coach:

"Just overall we need to do a lot of things better than we did yesterday down in Giants Stadium: coaching, playing, offense, defense, special teams, big guys, skilled guys, you name it."


Sonny Jurgensen,

Washington Redskins

color analyst and former quarterback, to Washington Coach Jim Zorn:

"Third down, I'm the quarterback, and you call the halfback throwing the ball for me, I'm calling timeout or calling an audible. I'm not letting the halfback throw it. That's what you pay me for."


Zorn, Washington coach,

in response to Jurgensen's statement:

"We called it to work. It didn't work. There were a lot of plays out there that didn't work. And I'd take you out of the game. Sorry, Sonny."


Andy Reid, Philadelphia coach, on Michael Vick, who will be eligible to play in Sunday's home game against Kansas City:

"Is he 100% back and ready to play a whole game? I can't tell you that, I don't think so, and I don't plan on putting him in that position right now."


Jack Del Rio,

Jacksonville coach:

"I just told the team, 'We're 0-2, so you need to turn your ears off. You're not going to like what you hear.' "

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