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September 23, 2009

Re "Schwarzenegger intervenes to stop Monrovia evictions," Sept. 19, and "Owners confirm disabled won't be evicted," Sept. 22

We are absolutely thrilled by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's intervention in the Regency Court case.

However, we also wish he would intervene on behalf of professionals who assist people with severe developmental disabilities and mental illnesses -- employees who are losing their jobs and homes.

Countless employees at state hospitals, developmental centers and prisons across the state are suffering because of unpaid furloughs.

These level-of-care nursing staff dedicate their lives to helping Californians reach their fullest potential, and are somehow maintaining vital services and safety in the face of severe budget cuts.

They are real heroes who could also use a rescue from a movie hero.

Tony Myers

Rancho Cucamonga


Yes, it was so nice to see Schwarzenegger intervene on behalf of the disabled people in Monrovia who were going to be evicted because the owner wanted their building to be senior housing.

Of course, it was touching how he invoked the inspiration of his late mother-in-law, Eunice Shriver, who founded the Special Olympics. However, the governor has massively slashed funding for this population -- and a one-day photo-op does not begin to make up for those cuts.

It's like a school bully later handing out Band-Aids to his victims: A nice gesture, but it shouldn't make people forget who he is and the damage he's already done.

Tony Peyser

Van Nuys


Is this some kind of publicity stunt -- for a few dozen people -- to cover up the fact that the governor and the California Legislature are essentially doing the same thing to thousands of seniors, citizens with retardation and people with disabilities?

I wish Eunice Shriver's spirit would whisper to him about the thousands of other vulnerable people, developmentally disabled, seniors and Special Olympians who will also be affected because he refuses to sign a budget with modest revenues for people all up and down the economic spectrum.

Nancy Becker Kennedy

Highland Park


Three cheers to our governor for stepping up to the plate in the Regency Court Apartments in Monrovia. Though some would have ignored the entire episode, he came forth in humanity and compassion.

Maxine Schiltz


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