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Jerry Jones might be in hot water with visiting teams

The Giants' Danny Clark isn't impressed with the locker room at Cowboys Stadium.

September 23, 2009|Mike Penner

Having visited the palace Sunday, New York Giants linebacker Danny Clark came away less than overly impressed with Jerry Jones' new $1.1-billion Cowboys Stadium.

Clark told Sirius XM satellite radio that the visiting locker room inside the stadium features few creature comforts.

"There's not a lot of hot water in there," Clark said. "[Jones] cut some corners in the bathroom there."

Clark also was dismissive of the noise factor created by an NFL-record crowd of 105,121.

"It wasn't as loud as you would think 105,000 people would be," he said. "And for [good] reason. I mean, we did a decent job of making some plays so they weren't all over the place, but I played in Michigan [Stadium] where there's 100,000 people. It wasn't crazy.

"I played in New Orleans when we reopened the [Super]Dome in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina.

"That place was twice as loud as this new stadium."


Trivia time

Who was the first athlete to make a cameo appearance on "The Simpsons?"


Fish wrap

Greg Cote of the Miami Herald wasn't dazzled by the display of star power at the Miami Dolphins' home opener Monday night.

"The orange carpet overflowed with celebrity part-owners and special guests at the Dolphins sold-out home opener Monday night, and not a bit of it mattered," he wrote. "Jimmy Buffett. Gloria and Emilio Estefan. Serena and Venus Williams. Marc Anthony and J-Lo. Dwyane Wade and Tiger Woods. Star power everywhere you looked, and all of it reduced to a superfluous sideshow.

"Maybe one of them could have covered Colts tight end Dallas Clark. Maybe Serena could have shoved a [bleepin] tennis ball down his throat. No amount of flashbulb-popping paparazzi or manufactured glamour can save the Dolphins from themselves if their pass defense continues as horrible as we have seen the first two weeks of this season."


Yao, that's tall!

Sultan Kosen, an 8-foot-1 Turk, has been officially declared the world's tallest man by Guinness World Records, the London Daily Telegraph reported.

Wrote Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times: "Kosen, 26, planned to quietly celebrate at home with family, friends and 29 NBA scouts."


Trivia answer

Magic Johnson on the "Homer Defined" episode, which originally aired Oct. 17, 1991. Chick Hearn had a cameo in the same episode.


And finally

From Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle: "Usain Bolt won his final race and says he'll take a long vacation. When you live in Jamaica, where do you vacation? Akron?"


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