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Fearless coyotes shot

September 24, 2009

Re "Keeping wildlife wild," Sept. 22

Can we talk about inhumane? Eight coyotes were shot to death in Griffith Park last week after a man woke up to one slightly nibbling on his foot because that's what they do when they're hungry.

Park visitors say that the coyotes are virtually harmless but that they have just gotten used to people feeding them even after they are told not to. That sounds like a good reason to go kill eight of them that are merely living in their natural habitat where they belong.

This is a grotesque act of inhumanity against wild animals.

Amanda Schmid


People are the culprits, not the animals. Griffith Park visitors are habitually feeding coyotes, which has conditioned them to be unafraid of humans. The feeders are breaking the law, so the authorities should enforce the law instead of killing innocent animals.

Lila Brooks


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