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The Times' Top 25

Chris Dufresne's rankings and comments:

September 24, 2009|Chris Dufresne

Miami at No. 3?

No one can jump on, or off, a bandwagon faster than Wrangler Rankman, so if Miami losses at Virginia Tech this Saturday forget you ever read this.

At this very moment, though, how about those Hurricanes?

No doubt, Miami has benefited in the polls from an early overdose of exposure, beating two ranked teams on national television.

But you can easily justify putting Miami ahead of teams such as Mississippi or Penn State that keep moving up the charts for beating . . . nobodies.

USC drops nine spots after the horrific Washington loss that was all Aaron Corp's fault even though he didn't know he was starting until the center snapped him the ball.

Washington has somewhat miraculously poked its head through the clouds at No. 25 and, it turns out, Rankman's preseason pick of UCLA at No. 25 may have been too low.

*--* RK. TEAM COMMENT (LAST WEEK'S RANKING) 1 TEXAS 3-0 Bevo, also stricken with flu bug, watched entire Tech game with "hurt horns." (1) 2 FLORIDA 3-0 Kindergarten teacher makes Meyer and Kiffin put heads on desk for "extra quiet time." (2) 3 MIAMI 2-0 Rankman may have developed a serious "program crush" on 'Canes. (17) 4 PENN STATE 3-0 Not ready to drink the Corn-ade on Iowa, which is better at caucuses. (4) 5 MISSISSIPPI 2-0 Call 1-555 FREE PASS if you know how Rebels got ranked this high. (5) 6 LOUISIANA STATE 3-0 Coach Miles is 4-0 against Mississippi State and about to go 5-0. (6) 7 CALIFORNIA 3-0 To prevent another 2007 collapse, civil engineers have retrofitted the entire roster. (7) 8 BOISE STATE 3-0 Why can't WAC teams play rugged defense like SEC's Georgia and Arkansas? (9) 9 OHIO STATE 2-1 Terrelle Pryor finally has his career breakout game . . . one week after USC. (10) 10 ALABAMA 3-0 Crimson Tide's tortuous, unforgiving slog to top of poll lacks only a Sherpa. (11) 11 OKLAHOMA 2-1 USC QB lost job because of injury . . . but the reigning Heisman Trophy winner? (13) 12 USC 2-1 Fortune teller warns Aaron Corp to steer clear of all bus stops. (3) 13 TEXAS CHRISTIAN 2-0 Rankman ditty: "Utah's done, BYU too, will 'at Clemson' be the end of TCU?" (12) 14 HOUSTON 2-0 Students will be Phi Slamma Jammin' into seats for Saturday sellout against Texas Tech. (16) 15 OKLAHOMA STATE 2-1 If you are gambling on Grambling, take the over and six-feet under. (19) 16 CINCINNATI 3-0 A Bearcat is neither bear nor cat but obviously not afraid of a beaver. (21) 17 VIRGINIA TECH 2-1 Rankman recommends the splayed turkey sandwich at Blacksburg's Gobbler Tavern. (23) 18 FLORIDA STATE 2-1 Paterno tells Bowden he tried to schedule Salt Lake's Temple but they backed out. (NR) 19 BRIGHAM YOUNG 2-1 Pines for days when you could win national title against Michigan in the Holiday Bowl. (8) 20 NORTH CAROLINA 3-0 James Taylor's hot pick of week: "In my mind I'm going with Carolina." (20) 21 GEORGIA 2-1 Uga told to "grab a helmet" after latest NCAA statistics for defense are released. (22) 22 MICHIGAN 3-0 School has already equaled last year's win total and jokes about Ohio State losing to USC. (24) 23 UCLA 3-0 Late win over K-State moved Bruins to No. 21 in Night Watchmen's Index. (25) 24 KANSAS 3-0 Jayhawks complain line to get in poll door is longer than the DMV. (NR) 25 WASHINGTON 2-1 Shining example of Park Ranger Rankman's successful "catch and release" program. (NR) *--*

Dropped out: Nebraska (18), Georgia Tech (14), Utah (15).

Moved in: Florida State (NR), Kansas (NR), Washington (NR).

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