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Chad Ochocinco ensured friendly reception for his 'Lambeau leap'

After a touchdown, the Cincinnati receiver went to Bengals fans sitting near the end zone at Green Bay.

September 24, 2009|Mark Medina

It appeared to be a coincidence. But it wasn't.

Before Sunday's Cincinnati-Green Bay game at Lambeau Field, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco announced via Twitter he would perform the Lambeau Leap when he caught a touchdown pass against the Packers.

That would normally be dangerous for any visiting player.

However, Ochocinco made arrangements to ensure his safety, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

It seems that three fans persuaded Ochocinco on Twitter to send them tickets in the end zone, where they sat dressed in Bengals gear amid a sea of Packers Cheeseheads.

So Ochocinco knew whom to jump to after catching a 13-yard touchdown pass.

"I wish I could have been shooting a camera at him," one of the fans, Mike Bergs, told the Journal Sentinel. "The smile on his face was from ear to ear. He was so excited."

Trivia question

Which major college football program has the most losses in Bowl Championship Series bowl games?

Second opinion

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones may be on Tony Romo's side after the quarterback had three passes intercepted in a 33-31 loss Sunday to the New York Giants. But former Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett isn't.

"I don't know why on God's Earth Tony Romo has been anointed a superstar in the National Football League," he told Fox Sports Radio. ". . . He's a good player who's still learning how to play in the NFL, and I think the media has given him too much credit for doing nothing. He hasn't done anything really in the NFL to deserve all the recognition and visibility he's gotten so far."

Trivia answer

Oklahoma, which is 2-5.

And finally

Al Sharpton in a statement to TMZ on Plaxico Burress' two-year prison sentence for accidentally shooting himself at a nightclub with an unregistered gun: "I think it is an unusually harsh sentence for someone who was his own victim."


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