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Water diversions

September 25, 2009

Re "A water scofflaw explains," Sept. 19

The editorial about the "drought busters" didn't mention the "blue barrel buster." While taking out some trash on collection day, I saw a white truck going up and down the cul de sac. The driver got out in front of each house and looked into the blue recycling barrels.

I thought someone was scavenging, but when he pulled up, I could see the official logo. Turns out he's what I'd call a blue barrel buster, looking for bins with non-recyclable items such as garbage. So beware.

Abe Hoffman

Canoga Park


Your editorial, in addition to being ironic, revealed a more fundamental problem.

Everyone should know where the shut-offs are and how to operate them for all utilities. Where's the gas line valve when you notice that funny smell? Earthquake valve installed? How about a battery backup to open your garage door? And everyone with a cordless telephone should have at least one hard-wired instrument. If you don't know why, then you really do need one.

Steve Lawrence

Los Angeles

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