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More to laud about 'Wizard'

September 26, 2009

Susan King's tribute to the myths, legends and history of "The Wizard of Oz" ["A World of 'Wizard,' " Sept. 23] cites actors and directors who made it onto the show, even a barrelful of those who didn't. Harold Arlen and "Yip" Harburg, who composed the memorable songs, are mentioned.

Who aren't are Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson and Edgar Allan Woolf, who wrote the "beloved musical fantasy" adaptation of L. Frank Baum's classic.

Christopher Knopf

Santa Monica


Another reason the movie was so successful was the use of Technicolor. Imagine Depression-era audiences sitting in dark movie theaters across the country. The film begins in sepia tone in rural Kansas, a tornado strikes, and Dorothy and Toto are transported to the glorious, full-color Land of Oz. You can almost hear the audience's "ooh" and "ah" reaction.

Charlie Roberts


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