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Underrated: 'A Serious Man' trailer and 'Creepshow'

Overrated: Gastro pubs and KISS

September 27, 2009


The trailer for 'A Serious Man': A surreal collage of hacking phlegm, non-sequitor dialogue and the percussive heartbeat of the main character's head bouncing off a wall, this intense and intensely funny tease for the Coen brothers' new film has us excited for Friday. Who knows what the film's about, but the prospect of the brothers turning their eye on "Barton Fink" country is a seriously good thing.

'Creepshow' (1982): As we get ready for October's arrival, we'd be remiss if we didn't recommend one of our favorite collections of on-screen scary stories. Stephen King meets George Romero in a delightfully dated salute to '50s horror comics, and familiar faces Ed Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, a water-logged Ted Danson and more are along for the ride. Grab some popcorn and celebrate simpler scary times.



Gastropubs: This isn't easy to say because we're huge fans of craft beer and burgers so thoughtfully composed that vegetarians question their beliefs. But please, L.A. restaurateurs, we're tapped out. Not that we don't welcome sampling a pint from every new variety that sprouts up week after week, but if we keep flooding the market some great spots are going to close once this trend finally crests.

KISS: Against all odds, these metal-meets-Kabuki Theater heroes head back to the well with a new album (set for release in the costume-friendly month of October). We've lost count of how many "final" reunions this band of surreal '70s survivors has enjoyed, but we can't decide what's sadder: That it keeps going, or that so many people are utterly stoked to hear it replay "Alive" onstage.

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