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Letters to the editor

Readers weigh in on Lancaster's unconventional mayor, the 1st Amendment and animal cruelty, a prisoner's death in Arizona and Sandy Banks' take on whiners.

September 28, 2009

Re "Politically correct, he isn't," Sept. 20

Thank you for your article about R. Rex Parris. We shop in Lancaster, and relatives live in Quartz Hill near where the proposed Wal-Mart is supposed to go up. I wrote Parris a letter protesting that decision because there is another such store only a few miles away; I think we have too many big-box stores too close already.

From what I've read, Parris also is fond of "legislating morality" at Lancaster city meetings. In my earlier letter to him, I complained about that too.

I give him credit for doing something with his life, but I certainly don't agree with his politics.

William Utvich



The true issue of concern is not Parris' personal life but his attempt to rezone the property across the street from Quartz Hill High School. I believe the planned development will destroy the town.

Not only will traffic be heavy and sewage excessive, but other core infrastructure issues will interrupt the serenity of the area. Mom-and-pop shops in town will shut down. Truancy and dropout rates will also increase once commercial centers are placed within such close proximity to the high school.

As an alumna of the high school, I cannot allow my voice to go unheard about this issue.

Ester Trujillo

Los Angeles


As a lawyer, Parris promotes himself on the radio as the defender of the "little guy" against the nasty insurance companies. As mayor of Lancaster, I think Parris aligns himself with business against the will of his constituents.

These super-centers will use enormous amounts of water and power. They will create traffic, air, light, noise and water pollution.

Just so we can shop?

Margaret Herbert


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