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The two-minute drill

A quick-hitting look around the NFL in Week 3.

September 28, 2009|Houston Mitchell

at Baltimore 34, Cleveland 3: Mangini officially changes nickname from "Mangenius" to "Man Overboard."

Jacksonville 31, at Houston 24: More games like this and Texans fans will start fondly remembering the David Carr era.

at Philadelphia 34, Kansas City 14: Apparently, Matt Cassel (90 yards) still thinks he's on the sideline with the Trojans.

at N.Y. Jets 24, Tennessee 17: After game, Pete Carroll calls Mark Sanchez and says if he isn't at Trojans practice this week, he'll be suspended.

at Cincinnati 23, Pittsburgh 20: Carson Palmer . . . wait, is there any team in the league that doesn't have a former USC quarterback on it?

at Detroit 19, Washington 14: Now the members of the 1976-77 Buccaneers can twist open some cheap wine to celebrate their record staying safe.

at Minnesota 27, San Francisco 24: Where'd the Vikings find this new quarterback with the funny last name? He has a future in the sport.

at New England 26, Atlanta 10: Don't think of this as a statement game, because the Patriots still looked a little disoriented on offense.

Green Bay 36, at St. Louis 17: Jack Youngblood and other great L.A. Rams ask St. Louis to pretend this team never had ties to Los Angeles.

N.Y. Giants 24, at Tampa Bay 0: Buccaneers are apparently trying to show the Lions that no one does losing streaks like Tampa Bay.

New Orleans 27, at Buffalo 7: Tony Romo must be looking pretty good to Terrell Owens right about now.

Chicago 25, at Seattle 19: Note to Jay Cutler: Narrowly beating a team missing seven starters is nothing to get too excited about.

Denver 23, at Oakland 3: Recall that rock quarry in Irwindale the Raiders were going to move to? The rock quarry is more interesting to watch.

at San Diego 23, Miami 13: Dolphins lose Chad Pennington to injury, send out feelers to see if Don Strock is available.

Indianapolis 31, at Arizona 10: Cardinals were tired from staying up all night trying to find the perfect wedding present for Khloe Kardashian.

-- Houston Mitchell

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