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Yankees-Red Sox rivalry shows up in elementary school classroom

A fourth grader is told to turn his Yankees T-shirt inside out by teacher, who is also a Red Sox fan. Parents say they feel their child's rights were violated.

September 28, 2009|Mike Penner

The New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry runs deep -- a little too deep from the perspective of a New York fourth-grader named Nathan Johns.

Johns, a Yankees fan, wore his navy blue Yankees T-shirt, with CC Sabathia's number and name on the back, to school last week, and was told by his teacher to immediately go the restroom and turn the shirt inside out.

Johns' teacher, Peter Addabbo, is an avid Red Sox fan.

"I thought to myself, 'Is he serious or is he kidding?' " Johns, 9, told "But he had this look like he wasn't kidding at all."

It made for a long day for Johns, who was teased at lunch by fifth-graders for wearing the shirt inside out.

"It was such a horrible day," Johns said. "I don't ever want anything like that to happen again."

Johns' parents complained to the school, which is investigating the incident. Among other things, the parents believe Johns' 1st Amendment rights were violated.

Trivia time

When did the Red Sox and Yankees franchises play for the first time?

Keen strategy

A sports quiz question, offered by Chris Ferrell of the San Antonio Express-News: "Southern Cal Coach Pete Carroll's plan to get his Trojans back on track after a loss to Washington includes: A) The returns of injured freshman quarterback Matt Barkley and All-American safety Taylor Mays; B) Reminding players that USC rebounded from losses in the past to go on and win the Rose Bowl; C) Scheduling more Big Ten opponents."

Shovel this

Edmonton Eskimos officials need to keep watch of the equipment on hand at their practice field. Shovels, for instance. After last week, its probably not a good idea to keep a shovel too close to the practice area.

When a fight broke out between defensive tackle Xzavie Jackson and center Aaron Fiacconi on Thursday, first punches were thrown, then Jackson bolted away, whipping off his practice jersey. Walking by a nearby dumpster, he spotted a long-handled metal shovel, grabbed it and turned back toward Fiacconi.

At that point, Eskimos General Manager Danny Maciocia stepped in front of Jackson, tapped him on the chest and pointed to the shovel.

"I just said, 'What are you planning to do with that? Do you realize the repercussions?' " Maciocia told the Associated Press. "I'm almost sure he had already come to that conclusion." Jackson apologized to his teammates and to Fiacconi, who accepted the gesture.

"We've made our peace," Fiacconi said. "In the end, I doubt he would have done something with the implement."

Trivia answer

On April 26, 1901. The Yankees franchise, then named the Baltimore Orioles, won 10-6.

And finally

Lily Gonzalez, to the Chicago Sun-Times, on the prerequisites for being a boxing ring-card girl: "Keeping your balance and smiling."


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