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Letters: Tiger, the lightning rod

Some readers are unhappy with Woods as he returns to golf at the Masters, others are unhappy with the media's treatment of him.

April 09, 2010

If Bill Plaschke and his ilk think that Tiger Woods is going to slit his wrists, break down and cry, bare his soul, and spill his guts with all the lurid details of his personal life — it's not going to happen.

Furthermore, just because a handful of shameless celebrities and some celebrity-starved "common" folk have this obsessive need to air their dirty laundry via talk shows and reality TV does not mean this is to be expected of Tiger.

Not enough remorse, apology or amends for you, Bill? Fine — boycott his tournaments and refuse to buy his products. Beyond that? Get over it, get a life and move on.

Rick Solomon

Lake Balboa


Plaschke's blatherings aside, Eldrick "Tiger" Woods has not failed to disappoint. When Woods announced he was taking time off to reset his life, it was obvious that this process would not last past early April.

And voila, here he is at Augusta. Perhaps if he had missed the Masters a few would actually have believed his contrition.

Who planned this fairy tale of remorse for him, Bill Clinton?

Mike Dudnikov

Union, N.J.


It's nice to see Billy Payne, the Augusta National chairman, criticize Tiger Woods for not being the role model that society expected him to be.

This comes from the head of an organization that banned blacks and has banned women longer than almost anyone else. It is amazing how self-righteous a person can become.

Ralph S. Brax


Lakers angst

"Doesn't every team flip the switch when the playoffs start?" This astute observation came from the Lakers' Lamar Odom, whose career performance can be described as on and off. The problem for the Lakers is that the switch is in the off position as the regular season concludes. The challenge will be whether the Lakers can find the switch, let alone flip it back on, when the playoffs begin.

Wayne Muramatsu



Kobe for me is on the decline; just like a boxer, the first thing to go are the legs.

Hello, Cleveland. Don't forget to thank Kobe for your ring.

Bill Cooley

Los Angeles


Try this. Go to work every day and perform your job at 100% efficiency every minute while on the job. No one can do that; not you, not me and certainly not athletes.

So, lay off the Lakers. They're the best team out there and when it's crunch time, they have the ability to give 100% better than any other team out there. If you want to complain, wait until June.

Louis H. Abramson

Westlake Village


The Lakers have gotten away with a lot of self-indulgence over the years. But one area where the team can no longer afford to be self-indulgent is letting Derek Fisher play end-of-game minutes as some kind of lifetime achievement award.

Michael Judson


Dodger talk

As motivation to Andre Ethier, I'd like to point out that he batted .194 against left-handers last year.

Phil Wolfe

West Covina

Point spread

Here is what I think of the Clippers and the Connecticut women's basketball team. On a neutral site, I would make Connecticut a three-point favorite.

Marc Popkin


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