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Beer of the Month: Avery Brewing Salvation

April 15, 2010

Haven't had enough of Belgium yet? Here's a big golden ale in the style of a Belgian tripel, made with Belgian yeast, Belgian barley and Belgian brewing sugar.

It pours yellow-amber with a pale yellow, moderately persistent head. The thing you notice is the dainty nose, with its suggestion of peaches and apricots. There even seems to be a note of nutmeg and Mexican cinnamon — it's like pie in a glass.

Well, up to a point. On the palate, it turns big and mouth-filling, creamy and malty, with the hops exercising a firm grip on your tongue. The finish is long with a little kick of alcohol at the end (the alcohol level is 9% by volume).

This is a good-natured ale that would go with a lot of foods: fried chicken, grilled sausage, macaroni and cheese.

Style: A big blond with a peachy nose and a long goodbye.

Price: $6.49 for 22 ounces.

Where to find it: Hi-Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa, (949) 650-8463,; Red Carpet Wines in Glendale, (800) 339-0609, http://www.redcarpet.com; and Beverages & More,

—Charles Perry

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