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Fast Track: Jennifer Aniston vs. Bill O'Reilly

August 13, 2010

A roundup of Friday morning's arts and entertainment headlines:

Tired celebrity feud of the week: Jennifer Aniston versus Bill O'Reilly. Here's Round 3. (People)

News Corp. is planning a national news service for your iPad and cellphone. (Los Angeles Times)

Daniel Craig is sitting by the phone, waiting for James Bond's call. (Los Angeles Times)

Locks of Elvis' hair are going up for auction. (USA Today)

A slump in Nintendo's Wii sales is hurting the video game industry. (Los Angeles Times)

"At the Movies" ends this weekend, but here's a look back at Siskel and Ebert and Roeper's best reviews. (IFC)

Dr. Laura apologizes for her N-word radio rant. (Huffington Post)

Kanye West has received an invitation to return to the MTV Video Music Awards. (The Envelope)

Don't hold your breath for a Situation guest spot on "Bones." (Entertainment Weekly)

Rihanna's new tattoo is total gibberish. (Pop Eater)

Betty White is like a bus. If you miss one appearance, another will be along in 15 minutes. Here's the next. (Variety)

Motion picture home broke the law when it transferred residents, state inspectors say. (Los Angeles Times)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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