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Antonio Margarito denied license by California State Athletic Commission

Margarito's promoter says he will file an application for a boxing license in Texas.

August 18, 2010|By Lance Pugmire

4:52 p.m.: Antonio Margarito's camp was disappointed by the California State Athletic Commission's decision to not re-issue a license to the boxer.

"We're very disappointed in the decision," Margarito attorney Daniel Petrocelli said.

Margarito promoter Bob Arum said his office will file an application to gain a license in Texas on Thursday morning.

Greg Sirb of the national Assn. Of Boxing Commissions said Margarito is free to apply in any other state to fight later this year, and will likely be viewed in a more favorable light elsewhere because he has followed the ABC request to first return to California before trying to get licensed elsewhere.

California commissioners were under obvious pressure to play hardball with Margarito and hold him accountable as the CEO of his camp.

One commissioner, Chris Giza, fretted that a reinstatement Wednesday would have precedent-setting fallout encouraging other boxers in major pay-day bouts to ponder cheating.

"If you get caught, you go lie on a beach for a year like, and then come back like Margarito," Giza said.

"He took his lumps like a man," Sirb said.

4:28 p.m.: The California State Athletic Commission Wednesday denied re-licensing boxer Antonio Margarito by a 5-1 vote.

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2:37 p.m.: The hearing resumed after a break for lunch. Margarito testified he once asked trainer Capetillo why he did it, and was told, "Yes, son, I did it. It was my mistake." Margarito pressed. Why? "He said, 'Don't ask me.' "

Chappelle cited the language that requires a sparring permit in California and restricts sparring with unlicensed fighters, and criticized new trainder Garcia's ignorance of the rule.

"Not only is (Margarito) in violation of the law, you're in violation of the law," she said.

12:14 p.m.: Margarito said he's throwing himself at the mercy of the commission.

"I'm guilty. These are my hands," Margarito said. "Whatever is placed on them, I am responsible for that.

"I would like to ask for another chance, to guarantee this will never happen again. Had I known there was something in those wrappings, I would never step in the ring.

"Now, I am on top of it. I am completely involved (with hand wrapping). I know this is my responsibility."

11:57 a.m.: Asked if he has previously apoplogized for the scandal, Margarito said no, and added, "I am here to make an apology to the commission and the entire boxing world for not knowing what was in those wrappings."

Margarito testified that "anything placed in the wrapping that is illegal is cheating."

He said he "did not know what was contained in these wrappings. I'm beinbg completely honest with all of you and the boxing world."

Later, he confided, "I'm guilty. These are my hands. Whatever is placed on them, I am responsible for that."

11:36 a.m.: Under questioning from Chappelle, Margarito said he has sparred in Oxnard with new trainer Robert Garcia. Chappelle said a sparring permit is required. "I did not know that," Margarito said. He said he's now training alone in Tijuana for Pacquiao.

11:11 a.m.: Daniel Petrocelli opened his remarks in Margarito's defense by saying trainer Capetillo is "solely responsible' for hand wraps case, noting the commission previously found the trainer's February 2009 testimony was "not credible."

"Of course (Margarito) denies that he didn't know, he always has," Petrocelli said. "He can't admit to something that's false. That's perjury."

10:40 a.m.: State attorney Karen Chappelle tells commission "overwhelming proof of reform" is required to reinstate Margarito.

With HBO's "24/7" cameras rolling, Chappelle asked, "What has been done to show contrition or remorse? Has he acknowledged wrongdoing?" She said those details are "critical" to reinstatement.

Margarito has maintained he didn't know his trainer inserted anything improper into his hand wraps.

"Mr. Margarito makes his living with his fists," she said. "He knows what's in the wrapping. His fists are a legal weapon."

Chappelle also let it be known that the state's ruling is being watched by all of boxing.

"The integrity of the California commission is front and center," Chappelle said.

10:11 a.m.: The Times is live at the California State Athletic Commission hearing in downtown Los Angeles to determine whether boxer Antonio Margarito will have his license reinstated.

Margarito hasn't fought in the U.S. since January 2009, when state authorities confiscated hardened insert pads from inside his hand wraps before his welterweight title defense against Shane Mosley at Staples Center. The insert was later found to contain substances in plaster of Paris, and in February 2009, Margarito was stripped of his license along with his trainer Javier Capetillo.

Tijuana's Margarito returned to the ring in Mexico in May, and now has a scheduled Nov. 13 date against Manny Pacquiao.

Margarito has insisted he didn't know the inserts were in his wraps.

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