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Fast Track: Dr. Laura keeps on talking

August 20, 2010

Dr. Laura discusses her career, naked pictures and having dinner with black and gay friends. (Hollywood Reporter)

"Lost's" Josh Holloway could star in a "Rockford Files" reboot. (Entertainment Weekly)

Carla Gugino could be a "Mother I'd Like to Fight." (Los Angeles Times)

Fred Armisen is already dating after his split from wife Elisabeth Moss. (Los Angeles Times)

NBC renews "Last Call With Carson Daly" for a 10th season. (TV Guide)

Smoking is on the decline in movies. (Los Angeles Times)

Steve Miller is going to teach at USC. (New York Times)

The first "Social Network" review is a rave. (Movieline)

The Google guys may get their own movie next. (Deadline New York)

Ricky Martin's memoir is coming soon. (Associated Press)

Anderson Cooper has been offered a million bucks to get rid of his gray hair. (Orlando Sun Sentinel)

CNN reportedly asks Larry King to stick around a little longer. (New York Post)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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