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A slimmer look with the right makeup

Well-placed bronzer, shimmer and eyeliner can make you look 10 pounds lighter. But even more important? Confidence.

August 22, 2010|By Alene Dawson | Special to the Los Angeles Times

But a caution: Quinn warns that "when you're heavier you tend to make up for it by overplaying the eyes — which at times can make it look more theatrical than natural." In general, heavy darker shadows can make eyes look weightier.

"But for a slimming effect, a smoky eye is fine, if it's not too shimmery," Padgett says.

No cupid's bow

"If you have a full face and you use a bright matte color, a matchy-matchy defined lip liner can make your lips look smaller and your face look bigger," Quinn says. Also, although our experts say that lipstick looks more modern and hip, for slimming purposes you want to add a little bit of a gloss.

Confidence always

If you're at a healthy weight but not stick-thin, own it, says makeup artist Joanna Schlip, whose 2006 book "Glamour Gurlz: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Great Make-up and Gurl Smarts" aimed to keep young women from comparing themselves to the unreal and retouched advertising images. "Thank goodness for campaigns like the Dove campaign that expose how much we retouch — so a little bit of pressure is removed [from young women] but not entirely," Schlip says.

She tells of working on a photo shoot in Brazil with über model Giselle Bundchen.

"One of the crew guys was Brazilian and a woman walked by who was probably an American size 14/16 and he had no interest in looking at this top model and instead watched this girl walk by. The photographer said something like, 'Wow, she really changed your focus.' And the crew member said something like, 'Yes! Look at the way she works it!' And then referencing Giselle said something like, 'Yeah, she's beautiful, but my arm is bigger than her thigh.'

"It's not every guy's dream to have a woman who is microscopic skinny, and what he said — it was like her confidence trumped a top model. Own what you are, own what you wear, own what you do. And if you work it you will be surprised — it's the confidence that's attractive at the end of the day. A smile on your face will get you farther than any lipstick that you can put on."

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