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MoveOn's call for a boycott of Target; a Muslim's call for tolerance in the U.S.; Ahmad Wali Karzai defends his record

August 22, 2010

But in our defense, there has been a very muted response from the moderate Muslim community to the vicious attacks by the extreme fundamentalist wing of their religion on the "openness and welcoming nature of the American people."

If we perceived a loud moderate and open voice from the Muslim community, I am sure there would be strong support for it.

We are hungry to hear a clear message from Islam denouncing the extremists and embracing the open and tolerant attitude that drew Tarin's parents to this country in the first place.

Susan Clayton

Santa Barbara

A Karzai takes a stand

Re "The curse of Kandahar," Opinion, July 17

Jennie Green repeats old rumors, leaving readers with a false impression about me.

She omits that while allegations of my involvement in opium trafficking concocted by my political opponents have been investigated, including by two U.S. ambassadors, they have never been substantiated. A recent probe by Afghanistan's attorney general also concluded that I had been falsely accused of land confiscation.

This past June, I voluntarily cooperated with the House subcommittee on national security and foreign affairs. I work closely with American and coalition forces to fight the Taliban, and I have a standing offer to assist anti-corruption investigators in their efforts to weed out political corruption.

I have survived nine suicide assassination attempts. But my resolve to defeat the Taliban and create a prosperous, free Afghanistan is a key reason voters overwhelmingly reelected me last year to the Kandahar Provincial Council. It is my honor to serve as a public servant, not as the cinematic gangster Green conjured up.

Ahmad Wali Karzai

Kandahar, Afghanistan

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