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Video-chat technology; government's role in the economy; cleaning up California

August 31, 2010

I'd be curious to know if either one of them had ever had a close family member afflicted with dementia or cancer. Maybe then they'd think twice.

Miyoko Henderson

Long Beach

Environmental problems

Re "Bacteria doing a good job on gulf oil cleanup," Aug. 26

I think it's great that we are seeing some progress in the cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico.

Individually we may not be able to directly help with the cleanup there, but we can still take action to keep our oceans clean.

For example, the island of trash made of our plastic bags and garbage that has been swept out into our Pacific is greatly damaging our environment. Maybe it's time we took responsibility for what we are doing to our environment and make some lifestyle changes.

Denna Taherzadeh

Thousand Oaks

I recently relocated to what I thought was going to be beautiful, sunny Southern California. I quickly learned that it isn't as beautiful as I thought.

I went to the beach my first week and was shocked at how much trash is everywhere.

I think California needs to do what it does best, leading the nation in banning plastic bags and Styrofoam containers.

Desirae Alcala

Los Angeles

No legal luck, and no sympathy

Re "Billionaire's kids lose court battle," Aug. 27

Shame on Jennifer Gold for using her children as a meal ticket. I hope her children will find a way to make something of themselves.

Sumalee Johnson

Laguna Woods

After Gold's comments regarding Donald Bren's testimony about the child support, I'm shocked she managed to blow through millions of dollars with apparently nary a penny saved.

However, she did have time to "dabble" in sculpting, which from what I hear is a burgeoning business and a huge moneymaker.

Great job looking out for the kids' future.

Steve Owen

San Diego

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