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Obama, two years in; school funding and teacher expectations; Whitman and Latinos

December 25, 2010

It all brings home the foolishness of our conservative politicians, who tell us that if we cut more taxes to the super rich, they will hire more workers, buy more goods and help get the economy moving again. But the super rich do not spend this extra money; they tend to bank it.

So back to our wealthy European mogul, who intends to spend millions of his dollars, which will trickle down directly into the pockets of the French middle class. We should thank this man for choosing to loosen his wallet.

Eric J. Oxenberg

Los Angeles

Mexico mayhem

Re "Mother slain at anti-crime vigil in Chihuahua," Dec. 18

Marisela Escobedo Ortiz should be hailed as a hero, but instead we are mourning her death at the hands of a cowardly murderer who shot her to death while she was protesting the violent killing of her daughter.

Escobando paid the ultimate price for having the courage to denounce the legal system that allowed her daughter's confessed killer to avoid imprisonment. She is not unlike thousands of other victims in Mexico who have not been able to escape violent criminals.

While we send our troops all over the world, a country that borders the U.S. is losing its war to drug cartels that prey on innocent people.

Where is the outrage?

Don Schultz

Van Nuys

Political lines

Re "Redistricting panel will draw a line," Dec. 20

I live in a very Republican district where Democrats usually don't even bother to run, so those who don't agree with the GOP do not even really have the right to vote. I have at times reregistered as a Republican so I could vote in the only election that counted, the Republican primary.

I doubt that the new open primary voting system will change anything in my area.

I do hope my district is reapportioned in a rational matter. And if you want to see a really silly gerrymander, look at the state

Board of Equalization districts.

Linda Robinett


Pedophile priests

Re "Church must look at its role in abuse, pope says," Dec. 21

Pope Benedict XIV says that child pornography is seemingly considered normal by society and that as recently as the 1970s, pedophilia wasn't considered an absolute evil.

As a mom who raised four children in the '70s, I strenuously object. The only ones who didn't consider pedophilia an absolute evil were some Roman Catholic priests.

Loretta Krippner


Bible and gays

Re "Gay rights is a new tune for conservative Nashville," Dec. 22

If we listen carefully to the debates about gay rights, we find nuggets of truth emerging from both sides. Randy Davis, head of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, said his side is "acting from the perspective of a biblical worldview." The operative article is "a," not "the."

There are numerous biblical worldviews. No longer can we in a pluralistic democracy continue to privilege any single biblical interpretation over all the others.

Richard J. Follett

Woodland Hills

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