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Nikola Dragovic's assault hearing is postponed

The Bruins forward is accused of assault in an altercation at a Hollywood concert. The case is continued to March 15.

February 02, 2010

A preliminary hearing for UCLA forward Nikola Dragovic and his roommate, Aleksandar Stanisic, was postponed Monday until March 15. Both are facing assault charges stemming from an altercation after an Oct. 24 concert at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood.

Prosecutors have said the incident began when Stanisic argued with a man and his girlfriend during the show.

Later, a confrontation occurred outside the theater in which prosecutors allege Dragovic rushed the man and pushed him into a glass case, which shattered, lacerating the man's Achilles' tendon.

Jon Artz, attorney for both defendants, said security footage shows that Dragovic "bear-hugged" the man but did not push or throw a punch before the two crashed into the case.

"The tape clearly shows Dragovic hugging the guy, not pushing him," Artz said.

Dragovic, a 6-foot-9 junior from Belgrade, Serbia, was held out of two games in November while UCLA officials gathered information on the incident.

-- Chris Foster

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