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Manhattan Beach man arrested after allegedly soliciting urine from schoolboy

Authorities suspect that the 18-year-old may have been trying to collect a sample in order to pass a drug test.

February 11, 2010|By Amina Khan

An 18-year-old Manhattan Beach man was arrested at Pacific Elementary School on Monday after allegedly offering to pay a third-grader for his urine.

Kevin Manuel Duron is believed to have entered a boys bathroom on the campus late last week and offered to pay a boy several dollars to urinate into a cup, Manhattan Beach Police Det. Sgt. Brian Brown said.

When Duron failed to persuade the boy, police said, he apparently returned Monday for another try. He was taken into custody after reappearing at the elementary school, Brown said.

Brown was struck by the persistence of Duron, a Mira Costa High School graduate: "I would not have anticipated that he would have gone back again," Brown said.

Duron might have been trying to collect urine to use to pass a drug test, authorities said.

The student solicited last week told a parent, who alerted school officials, who then notified police. When Duron returned to campus Monday, a school employee spotted him and alerted school authorities.

Although originally arrested on suspicion of annoying or molesting a child, the Los Angeles County district attorney reduced the charge to two counts of failing to register with a school office before entering school grounds. He was scheduled to be arraigned in a Torrance courthouse Wednesday.

"These days, nothing surprises me, but it was a very unusual case," Brown said, adding that soliciting urine "at an elementary school is a new one to me."

A spokeswoman for the Manhattan Beach Unified School District said such a thing had never happened before and that school officials followed protocol in notifying authorities.

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