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Cleaner port air, but how?

Legal tussles on trucker rules bedevil Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.

January 09, 2010|By Ronald D. White

"It was pretty clear to us that we were going to have to change the industry in order for this to be successful and sustainable," Holmes said.

Mayor Foster, who went out to view port operations Monday, said the Long Beach plan was "succeeding better than our best hopes" and was proof that his port "can have robust commerce and cleaner air."

Mike Fox has a different perspective. He's owner and chief executive of Fox Transportation Inc., a trucking company in Rancho Cucamonga. He's also one of the principals of the Clean Truck Coalition, a group of 10 small to medium-size family-owned companies that was among the first to apply for the incentive money from Los Angeles, ultimately buying 600 vehicles.

Fox said he wanted the L.A. and Long Beach ports to get out of their court battles and work together on a single plan. That, he said, would end the apprehension some customers feel because of the disputes.

Without a single plan, some businesses might go to other ports where the situation is less confusing.

"Our businesses work with both Los Angeles and Long Beach," Fox said. "We are the home teams, and what we want to see is more business at the ports."

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