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Walton gets back into a game as other Lakers go out

He plays six minutes in his first game after being out for eight weeks with a pinched nerve in his back. Morrison is out, and Bryant and Vujacic didn't play much because of injuries.

January 13, 2010|By Broderick Turner

Reporting from San Antonio — Luke Walton walked into the Lakers' locker room after a 105-85 loss to the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday night and plopped down in a chair.

He had just played six minutes and he was tired.

It was his first game back after being out for eight weeks -- a span of 28 games -- with a pinched nerve in his back.

Walton was needed because Adam Morrison had flu-like symptoms.

Then Kobe Bryant was unable to play in the fourth quarter because of back spasms. Even Sasha Vujacic couldn't play much because of a strained right hamstring suffered in the first half.

"I felt good," said Walton, who had four points, one rebound and one steal. "I was obviously tired. It was the first time I had played in weeks, but I felt good as far as the speed of the game."

Walton said he kept "bugging" Lakers Coach Phil Jackson to put him in the game earlier, but that Jackson told him to "leave him alone."

Jackson eventually put Walton in the game with five seconds left in the second quarter.

Walton said the team had targeted Friday as the day he would play.

But when Morrison got sick before the game, that changed.

Still, the plan was to have Walton dress but not play.

Now comes the big part.

Does Walton think after flying to Dallas on Tuesday night that he will be able to play tonight?

"I feel great right now," Walton said. "But it's the plane flights and the hotel beds that have given me problems in the past. I'm just hoping that I wake up tomorrow feeling good like I felt the last few weeks and go from there."


Bryant a trash-talker?

Apparently so -- at least so says his fellow NBA players.

In a Sports Illustrated poll, 173 NBA players were asked who was the biggest trash talker?

Bryant was ranked second with 7% of the votes.

Boston's Kevin Garnett was the runaway winner, getting 62% of the votes.

Twitter war?

Lakers guard Jordan Farmar and Milwaukee Bucks rookie guard Brandon Jennings took to cyberspace for a war of words in recent days.

That would be true if you followed both players on Twitter, when Farmar and Jennings supposedly began to tweet insults at each other.

The problem is Farmar said he doesn't Twitter and that it wasn't him.

"What can you do?" Farmar said before the Lakers played the Spurs. "I didn't have nothing to do with nothing."

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