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'Avatar' grabs 11 VES Awards nominations

The sci-fi juggernaut evidently impressed voters at the Visual Effects Society, which will also honor the film's director, James Cameron, with a lifetime achievement award at the Feb. 28 ceremonies.

January 19, 2010|By Susan King

The day after nabbing the top award at the Golden Globes, the science-fiction epic "Avatar" earned 11 nominations for the Visual Effects Society's VES Awards.

The 3-D blockbuster received nods Monday for outstanding visual effects in a visual effects motion picture; a double nomination in the single visual effect of the year category; animated character in a live-action feature; matte paintings in a feature; models and miniatures in a feature motion picture; a triple nomination in creative environment in a feature; and a double nomination for compositing in a feature.

As previously announced, "Avatar" director James Cameron will be honored with the VES lifetime achievement award.

Another 3-D film, the animated "Coraline," took away four nominations including animation in an animated feature motion picture, models and miniature in a feature motion picture, effects animation in an animated feature and animated character in an animated feature.

Weta Digital scored the most company nominations with nine.

Joining "Avatar" in the visual effects in a visual effects-driven feature category are "2012," "Knowing" and "Terminator Salvation."

Vying with "Avatar" in the animated character in a live-action feature category are "District 9," "G-Force" and "Watchmen."

In addition to "Coraline," the nominees for animation in an animated feature are "9," "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs," "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" and "Up."

Nominees for supporting visual effects in a feature are "Angels & Demons," "The Box," "Invictus," "The Road" and "Sherlock Holmes."

Nominations were announced in more than 20 categories of film, animation, TV, commercials and video games.

The 8th Annual VES Awards will be held Feb. 28 at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel.

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects Driven Feature Motion Picture 2012 Volker Engel, Visual Effects Supervisor Josh Jaggars, Visual Effects Producer Marc Weigert, Visual Effects Supervisor

AVATAR Richard Baneham, Animation Supervisor Joyce Cox, VFX Producer Joe Letteri, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor Eileen Moran, Overall VFX Producer

DISTRICT 9 Stefanie Boose, VFX Producer Dan Kaufman, VFX Supervisor Peter Muyzers, On-set VFX Plate Supervisor James Stewart, Creature Supervisor

STAR TREK Burt Dalton, Special Effects Supervisor Russell Earl, Visual Effects Supervisor Roger Guyett, Visual Effects Supervisor Shari Hanson, Visual Effects Producer

TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN Scott Benza, Animation Director Wayne Billheimer, Visual Effects Producer Scott Farrar, Visual Effects Supervisor John Frazier, Special Effects Supervisor

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Feature Motion Picture ANGELS & DEMONS Angus Bickerton, VFX Supervisor Mark Breakspear, VFX Supervisor Ryan Cook, VFX Supervisor Barrie Hemsley, VFX Producer

THE BOX Peter Cvijanovic, Compositing Supervisor Mark Kolpak, Visual Effects Producer Olcun Tan, Digital Effects Supervisor Thomas Tannenberger, Visual Effects Supervisor

INVICTUS Geoff Hancock, VFX Supervisor Dennis Hoffman, Head of Production Cyndi Ochs, VFX Producer Michael Owens, VFX Supervisor

THE ROAD Mark O. Forker, VFX Supervisor Paul Graff, VFX Supervisor - Crazy Horse Effects Ed Mendez, Compositing Supervisor Phillip Moses, VFX Producer

SHERLOCK HOLMES Dan Barrow, VFX Producer Jonathan Fawkner, VFX Supervisor Chas Jarrett, VFX Supervisor David Vickery, VFX Supervisor

Outstanding Animation in an Animated Feature Motion Picture 9 Ken Duncan, Animation Supervisor Jinko Gotoh, Co-Producer Daryl Graham, Supervising Animator Joe Ksander, Animation Director

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS Mike Ford, CG Supervisor Chris Juen, Co-Producer Alan Hawkins, Supervising Animator Pete Nash, Animation Director

CORALINE Claire Jennings, Animation Producer Henry Selick, Animation Director

ICE AGE: DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS Galen Chu, Supervising Animator Jeff Gabor, Senior Animator Anthony Nisi, Animation Production Supervisor Melvin Tan, Senior Animator

UP Gary Bruins, Effects Supervisor Pete Docter, Director Steve May, Supervising Technical Director Jonas Rivera, Producer

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Miniseries, Movie or a Special ALICE - Night 2 Sebastien Bergeron, DFX Supervisor Les Quinn, CG Supervisor Lisa Sepp-Wilson, VFX Producer Lee Wilson, VFX Supervisor

BEN 10: ALIEN SWARM - Montage Evan Jacobs, Visual Effects Supervisor Sean McPherson, Visual Effects Supervisor Andrew Orloff, Visual Effects Supervisor

DISNEY PREP AND LANDING - Gadgets, Globes, and other Garish Gizmos David Hutchins, EFX Animator Scott Kersavage, VFX Supervisor Dorothy McKim, VFX Producer Kee Suong, EFX Animator

INFESTATION Dan DeEntremont, Animator PJ Foley, VFX Producer James May, Technical Director Efram Potelle, VFX Supervisor

SKELLIG Sara Bennett, Compositing Supervisor Jean-Claude Deguara, Senior Animation Supervisor David Houghton, Visual Effects Supervisor Jenna Powell, Visual Effects Producer

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