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'Avatar' grabs 11 VES Awards nominations

The sci-fi juggernaut evidently impressed voters at the Visual Effects Society, which will also honor the film's director, James Cameron, with a lifetime achievement award at the Feb. 28 ceremonies.

January 19, 2010|By Susan King

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA SEASON 4 - Ep. 421 Daybreak Michael Gibson, VFX Producer Gary Hutzel, VFX Supervisor Dave Morton, CGI Artist Jesse Toves, CGI Artist

DEFYING GRAVITY - Pilot Dale Fay, VFX Supervisor Jared Jones, Lead Compositor Sam Nicholson, VFX Producer Mike Yip, 3D Lead Artist

FRINGE Ep. 206 Earthling Robert Habros, VFX Supervisor Eric Hance, Visual Effects Artist Andrew Orlaff, VFX Supervisor Jay Worth, VFX Supervisor/Producer

STARGATE UNIVERSE - Air Shannon Gurney, VFX Producer Andrew Karr, CGI Supervisor Mark Savela, VFX Supervisor Craig Vandenbiggelaar, Digital Effects Supervisor

V- Pilot Johnathan R. Banta, Lead Compositor Karen Czukerberg, VFX Producer Andrew Orloff, VFX Supervisor Chris Zapara, VFX Supervisor

Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program CSI CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION Ep. 1001 Opening Sequence Sabrina Arnold, VFX Producer Steve Meyer, Compositor Rik Shorten, VFX Supervisor Derek Smith, Compositor

FLASH FORWARD - No More Good Days Kevin Blank, Visual Effects Supervisor Andrew Orloff, VFX Producer Steve Meyer, 2D Supervisor Jonathan Spencer Levy, Facility VFX Supervisor

KINGS - Ep. 001 Goliath Ron Moore, VFX Producer Brian Vogt, Lead Lighting TD Craig Weiss, VFX Supervisor Niel Wray, CG Supervisor

KRUPP-EINE DEUTSCHE FAMILIE - Krupp Thomas Tannenberger, Visual Effects Supervisor Olcun Tan, Digital Effects Supervisor Mark Kolpak, Visual Effects Producer Shane Cook, Compositing Supervisor

LOST - The Incident Part 1 & 2 Eric Hance, Supervising Artist Samantha Mabie-Tuinstra, Visual Effects Producer Sean Scott, Character Animator Mitch Suskin, Visual Effects Supervisor

Best Single Visual Effect of the Year 2012 - Escape from L.A. Volker Engel, Visual Effects Supervisor Josh R. Jaggars, Visual Effects Producer Mohen Leo, Visual Effects Supervisor Marc Weigert, Visual Effects Supervisor

AVATAR - Quarich's Escape Jill Brooks, Visual Effects Producer John Knoll, Visual Effects Supervisor Frank Losasso Petterson, Simulation Technical Director Tory Mercer, Compositor

AVATAR Thelvin Cabezas, Lighting Technical Director Joyce Cox, VFX Producer Joe Letteri, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor Eileen Moran, Overall VFX Producer

KNOWING - Plane Crash Dan Breckwoldt, Lead Compositor Camille Cellucci, VFX Producer Andrew Jackson, VFX Supervisor Angelo Sahin, Special Effects Supervisor

TERMINATOR SALVATION - VLA Escape Chantal Feghali, Studio Producer Charles Gibson, Studio Visual Effects Supervisor Susan Greenhow, Visual Effects Producer Ben Snow, Visual Effects Supervisor

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial AMF - The Caterpillar Asher Edwards, VFX Producer Jamie O'Hara, Lead Character Modeller Becky Porter, Lead Compositor Robert Sethi, VFX Supervisor

AUDI - Intelligently Combined Jay Barton, Visual Effects Supervisor Rafael F. Colon, Sr. Compositor Chris Fieldhouse, Visual Effects Producer Ronald Herbst, CG Supervisor

KERRY LOWLOW - Mouse Ashley Bernes, Effects TD Louisa Cartwright Tucker, VFX Producer Jake Mengers, VFX Supervisor Stephen Newbold, VFX Supervisor

PEPSI - The Flight of the Penguin Murray Butler, VFX Supervisor/Lead Flame Jenn Dewey, Senior VFX Producer Seth Gollub, Animation Lead Andy Walker, VFX Supervisor, Technical Lead

PLANE STUPID - Polar Bears Scott Griffin, VFX Producer Suzanne Jandu, Compositor Jake Mengers, VFX Supervisor Vicky Osborn, CG Artist

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project BEYOND ALL BOUNDARIES Multi-plane Visual Effects Susan Beth Smith, Visual Effects Producer Cedar Conner, Lead Compositor Daren Ulmer, Visual Effects Supervisor

DANCE OF THE DRAGONS - Eastern Derry Frost, VFX Supervisor Michael Morreale, VFX Producer

Outstanding Real Time Visuals in a Video Game CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2 - Gulag Extraction Robert Gaines, Lead Visual Effects Artist David Johnson, Visual Effects Artist Richard Kriegler, Art Director Mark Rubin, Producer

FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4 - Gameplay Jeff Atienza, Producer Jenny Freeman, Art Director Ben Ross, Lead Character Artist Frank Vitz, CG Supervisor

NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT - World Sequence Robert Dibley, Lead Rendering Software Engineer Dave Flynn, Development Director - World Andreas Moll, Art Director Sven Moll, Art Director

UNCHARTED 2: AMONG THIEVES Christophe Balestra, Technical Lead Evan Wells, Game Producer

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Video Game Trailer DJ HERO Diarmid Harrison-Murray, VFX Supervisor Sarah Hiddlestone, Senior CG Producer Jamie Jackson, Game Producer Marco Puig, Art Director

HALO 3: ODST - The Life Ryan Meredith, VFX Producer Robert Moggach, VFX Supervisor Michael Pardee, Executive Producer Jens Zalzala, CG Supervisor

MASS EFFECT 2 Tim Miller, VFX Producer Brandon Riza, VFX Supervisor

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