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Brett Favre lets Saints march on to Super Bowl

His crucial interception late in regulation costs the Vikings dearly.

January 25, 2010|Bill Plaschke

It was that kind of night.

"I wonder if I can hold up, especially after a day like today, physically and mentally," Favre said.

At the other end of the Superdome tunnel, the Saints were swaggering around after holding up an entire town.

"To be able to represent a city that looks to us as a beacon of hope is awesome," Fujita said. "This is a monumental day."

Their quarterback, Drew Brees, was hassled and inconsistent. Their running attack was spotty. They converted only three third downs.

But they scored one touchdown after a 61-yard kickoff return by Courtney Roby. They scored one after a Percy Harvin fumble deep in Vikings territory. They stopped the Vikings on two other fumbles at the Saints' five- and 10-yard lines.

After years of being plagued by mistakes, the Saints finally watched somebody else make them, and celebrated with each blunder, and who can blame them?

In the end of an exhilarating Sunday night, it seems the Saints deserved to be running through the confetti and smoke to the Superdome stands like little kids looking for their parents, posing and waving and chanting, a town and a team joined.

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