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Fast Track: And the new Spider-Man is ...

July 02, 2010

A roundup of Friday morning's arts and entertainment headlines:

America, meet your new Spider-Man. ( Los Angeles Times)

The Black Eyed Peas are teaming with James Cameron for a 3-D concert movie. (Entertainment Weekly)

"The Fall Guy" is headed to the big screen. (Los Angeles Times)

Is it time for Mel Gibson to get some anger management? (The Big Picture)

Katy Perry bought her mom a face-lift. (The Sun)

"Eclipse's" box office is running ahead of "New Moon's" in most foreign countries. (Los Angeles Times)

Jay Leno sees his lowest second-quarter ratings against David Letterman. (Huffington Post)

Kelsey Grammer's third wife files for divorce. (Los Angeles Times)

Lilith Tour cancels 10 dates but will still play L.A. (Los Angeles Times)

Jude Law is reportedly trying to stop his ex-wife's memoir from being published. (The Daily Mail)

Which TV drama is thinking about making one of its male leads HIV-positive? (Entertainment Weekly)

The network and studio can't agree, so "Chaos" dies a quick death. (Deadline Hollywood)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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