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Fast Track: Lindsay Lohan's post-jail asking price? $1 million

July 09, 2010

A roundup of Friday morning's arts and entertainment headlines:

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly asking for $1 million for her first post-jail interview. (Pop Eater)

James Cameron will rake in $350 million from "Avatar." (Deadline Hollywood)

Disney reaches an agreement to sell Miramax. (Los Angeles Times)

LeBron James is going to Miami, but he sure knows how to make an announcement. (Los Angeles Times)

Geeks wonder if Brangelina is headed to Comic-Con. (Los Angeles Times)

Justin Bieber's mom is talking to the media about his virginity. Creepy. (

Jaleel "Urkel" White is under investigation for allegedly punching his girlfriend in her breast implant. (TMZ)

The title for the next "Saw" movie is " Saw 3-D: The Traps Come Alive." (Shock Till You Drop)

Oscar winner Frances McDormand is balancing "Transformers 3" with Broadway. (New York magazine)

"Office" producer wants to see Dwight take over at Dunder Mifflin. (Entertainment Weekly)

You can sing along to "Grease." (USA Today)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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