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My Favorite Weekend: Angels Manager Mike Scioscia

When the game is over, the fun begins.

July 09, 2010|By Mark Sachs, Los Angeles Times

Mike Scioscia is about to open his house to thousands of visitors, and millions more who will be peeking in on TV. Not his home in Thousand Oaks, where he lives with his family, but Angel Stadium, where he summers with his "other" family, baseball's Los Angeles Angels.

The Big A will be the site of Tuesday's All-Star game as well as related activities in the days leading up to it, and the Angels coach, who was a proud All-Star as a player with the Dodgers, seems equally proud that his Orange County digs will be on the national stage.

"I think we're all very proud of the environment here in Angel Stadium," said the onetime catcher. "It's a great place to watch a game and a great place to play, and I'm eager for everyone to get the same experience that we get every day, because I don't think there's a better place for baseball."

Meanwhile, here's how Mike spends his time away from the ballpark.

A vote for the Kid

If we feel like having some Mexican food, we really like the Latigo Kid in Agoura. We've been going there for about 20 years now, and it's a great little local spot. Kind of a rustic, casual place — really homey. It's not really Tex-Mex; it's more like California Mex. I'd get either the carne asada soft tacos or the shrimp fajitas. And it's all good with a margarita.

For a special occasion or if we were celebrating something big, we have a few places we like, and they're all Italian and they're close by. There's Rustico in Westlake Village, and Farfalla Trattoria in the Promenade at Westlake Village. And there's a place on the lake itself called Zin Bistro Americana, which has a great atmosphere. Terrific for sunsets. And no matter which one we choose, my favorite Italian dish is eggplant parmigiana.

Scioscia's pizza parlor

We have a great place for pizza — it's our house. My wife is an incredible cook, and we have our own pizza oven. She does everything, and it's the best pizza you can get outside of Chicago deep dish.

But if we were going out for pizza for some reason, you know where I'd go? Tarantino's in Pasadena. That's awesome — the best pizza outside of our house.

A musical side

If we're going out to hear some live music, we'll go to either the Hollywood Bowl or even the Santa Barbara Bowl. But if we're staying a little closer to home, the Canyon Club in Agoura is good. Foreigner was playing there about a month ago. I'm from the Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Elton John, Bad Company era, and the Canyon Club has a lot of acts from the same era.

This walk's a hit

We sometimes like walking the trail that starts pretty much right outside our house and takes us up into the hills. You can take it all the way from Westlake Village to Thousand Oaks and all the way to Simi Valley if you want.

I might go out golfing five or six times a year, and I'll go out to Moorpark Country Club or Tierra Rejada. I've golfed Sherwood Lake a couple of times, but my game's not good enough for that place. Basically, I just stick to playing local places with good friends.

I also follow college football a lot, so I like going out to games. I grew up a Penn State fan, and now my son's going to Notre Dame, and I know probably half the kids on the USC and UCLA teams just from running into them with my son.

Home and away

For breakfast close to home, I like Nico's in Westlake. Or if we're looking for a really nice brunch, we'll go to the Westlake Hyatt, and I'll head right to the waffle or pancake station first.

If we're going out to dinner in Orange County, I like Fleming's or Mastro's in Newport Beach for steaks. And Ciao, a little Italian place on Balboa Island, is very good.

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