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'Barefoot Bandit' arrested in Bahamas

After two years of eluding the FBI and police in four states, a 19-year-old fugitive's luck runs out at a vacation resort.

July 12, 2010|By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times

"He's victimized numerous people who came into our store daily. Many of them repeatedly," she added. "They would no sooner replenish whatever he stole, and he would strike again."

But outside the Northwest, the 6-foot, 5-inch teen's renown grew, expanding with each stolen boat or plane abandoned in a field. His fans on Facebook grew to more than 68,570.

"Wish I could live a life so free," said one of many mournful comments posted after his capture.

"This cat has done more at age 20 than most of us ever will, love him or hate him, he has had quite the adventure and I wish him well!!!" said another.

Ward said she got the call from Strachan about 1:30 a.m. that a young man who appeared to be Harris-Moore had just pulled up in a skiff at the marina. She and the dockmaster rushed to the scene and disconnected electrical wires on the skiff so it couldn't be used for an escape.

That's when she said Harris-Moore returned to the marina and fled in the 30-foot powerboat, with the dockmaster and police in hot pursuit.

"Our boats roared up on either side of him, and he was captured," she said. By 7 a.m., he was flown to Nassau, and Harbour Island settled back into the normal summer tourist hubbub.

"It's definitely sad," she said. "There ought to be a lot more to life. The poor young man."

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