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Baby boomer women won't go quietly into the good night

Books talking about aging and women 50 and older have struck a nerve.

July 16, 2010|By Christie Mellor, Special to the Los Angeles Times

Hecklers? Apparently, some women have taken umbrage at Kinney and Ratzlaff's take on the "crone" issue. It turns out there are a number of gals who do embrace their "inner crone" and don't like to be told they can't. Who knew?

For her part, Scarcello says she "was driven by a desire to find an answer to the question 'What is a woman's role in society once the biological urge to reproduce is past?'"

She continues: "I looked to a type of woman I had admired my whole life to find my answers. They are the vibrant, strong older women whose energy radiates from the light in their eyes." In "Fifty & Fabulous!" she focuses on women between 45 and 103, who are not about to stop their lives because of some ridiculous notion that they're "old."

"Menopause is just a reminder that we're aging, it's a nudge," Scarcello says. She points out that in days gone by "women generally died before they went through menopause. Now we have years ahead of us."

Her concern is that so many women are spending those years trying to stay as young as possible instead of embracing and enjoying this new phase of life. "I want every woman — and man, for that matter — to know that life after 50 is a stage of human development," she says, "not a stage of decline."

Or, as Kinney puts it: "While we most definitely enjoyed our youth, the best might really be yet to come."

Mellor is the author of "You Look Fine, Really" and "The Three-Martini Playdate," among other books.

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